Gigabyte Motherboard enquiry

  CurlyWhirly 18:14 29 Nov 2004

My Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
My CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (2.17 Ghz)

Hi. Here is a query. If a fault WAS detected on boot-up (like for example my CPU fan doesn't start) would the POST just alert me to the fact or would it automatically turn the PC off without any intervention from me?

The reason why I am asking is that I read in a thread on this PC Advisor Forum, that Athlon XP's don't have ANY protection built-in like for example in the case of the Pentium 4's where if the CPU fan doesn't work on boot-up they just slow down to a 'crawl' so as not to burn up.

Also after further investigation I have enabled the following 2 options in the BIOS:
'Fan fail warning CPU/SYSTEM' to 'Alarm when stops' and I have also enabled the 'CPU shutdown temperature' to 'System shutdown when currentCPU temperature reaches 110C' but I realised afterwards (by going to the AMD website) that a AMD Athlon XP can only operate at a MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE of 85C meaning that by the time the motherboard shutdown the PC, my processor would be frazzled!

Does it seem strange that Gigabyte release a motherboard (I know it is nearly 2 years old now) with thermal protection that is set at a HIGHER temperature than the processor can handle?!

  CurlyWhirly 18:43 29 Nov 2004

The reason why I am asking is that I read in a thread on this PC Advisor Forum.

This is the thread I am referring to click here

This got me worried!

  Dorsai 18:57 29 Nov 2004

I didn't think the protection was built into the CPU, be it AMD, Cyrix or Intel.

I thought the protection features were built into the MoBo.

Some MoBo's monitor fan speed, and some dont.

Of those that do, some shut down if the fan fails, others may warn the fan has failed, but carry on regardless. Some do nothing.

Some boards monitor the CPU temp, and some dont.

Of those that do, some shut down if too hot. some may warn, and take no further action. Some do nothing.

My mobo has fan monitoring and temp monitoring.

It will fail to boot, and turn off, if the CPU fan is not spinning at boot, but will continue to run if the fan fails after boot.

It has a thermistor to monitor CPU temp, but will takes no action at all if the CPU gets too hot.

I think it is all down to the Mobo. A more expensive/Modern board will have betetr thermal protection feature built in.

  CurlyWhirly 19:04 29 Nov 2004

I am not that confident in my motherboards thermal protection due to the fact that the CPU temperature has to reach 110C before anything happens!
Also when I was in the BIOS I realised that by DEFAULT both the 'Fan fail warning CPU/SYSTEM' and the 'CPU shutdown temperature' were OFF!

Still they are ON now though whether they will work in the event of something happening remains to be seen!
I will tick this as resolved now as you have answered my query and thank you!

  mtall 19:32 29 Nov 2004

hi every one? smthing puzzling me and i wonder if any one here can help me. the sytem is freezing 2/3 minutes after startup. changed memory, graphic card working ok and so other hardware. checked a few things but can't find the problem. i remember reading about a certain value in Windows XP that sometimes can change and when it does, causes the system to hang. there also advise on how to deal with this problem but i can't remember which issue. I desperately need help here guys.



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