gigabyte maya II radeon 9700 pro installation

  Mark 21:15 24 May 2003

Just bought the 9700 card from gigabyte and it is a nightmare to get installed.
Does anyone know if this card supports 'direct draw'

  citadel 21:56 24 May 2003

A 9700pro is a fully tooled up card and does everything but make you a cup of coffee.

  Mark 23:17 24 May 2003

this one doesn't, can't even play C&C renegade and windows crashes to a black screen at anything over 600X800

  Zaxifone 00:39 25 May 2003

What drivers are you using, and have you tried reinstalling C&C?


  hugh-265156 00:45 25 May 2003

at the risk of giving out wrong information.try typing dxdiag into run and click display and run the tests.

get the latest drivers from click here

and under smartgart in display/settings/advanced/ turn off agp fastwrites and set direct 3d and open gl to balanced

  Mark 19:42 25 May 2003

Yes, got the latest drivers, they improved things a little :).
Tried reinstalling C&C but cant even get through the installation demo movie you have to watch!
I already have direct3d/opengl set to balance and the direct draw tests in dxdiag show no problems. Maybe it is something to do woth the graphiics aperture set in BIOS, it is at 64MB at the moment!

Any more ideas guys?????

If I could at least install C&C I could try to get it sorted, incidentally all the packaged games that come with the card work great.

  hugh-265156 19:59 25 May 2003

c&c ren.patch click here**&p_li=

and the apeture size is about right.usually set to 64/128/256 doesnt really matter so long as its set to 16 or over.

  hugh-265156 20:05 25 May 2003

i have been using these drivers for some time now and would recommend you try them if all else here read the read me not remove the current driver just the control panel as they install over the top of your current driver.i find they do improve visuals and least on my set up anyway.

  Mark 18:50 03 Jun 2003

I have noticed that I have 2 instances of the card in my graphics adapter slot in device manager (xp Home). I talked to Gigabyte about this and their support is pathetic.
I uninstalled both instances of the driver, emptied all the recycle bin files and removed the card replacing it with an old AGP card. I rebooted to clear the system and check for any instances of the 9700 in device manager and it was clear (good).
I replaced the 9700 rebooted and followed all the software installation as per the 9700 manual.
Result, 2 instances of the 9700 in device manager and a system so unstable it runs for a few mins ( I am typing V fast here) and crashes (latest drivers installed).
Going to try a 550W power supply just to be sure.

Does anyone know how I can remove ALL traces of the 9700 drivers etc from the system? I notice it installs the driver to C:\windows\system32

Any help would be appreciated.


  hugh-265156 22:43 03 Jun 2003

the two instances are

primary display adapter and secondary display adapter.

this is normal.the card has tv out and is seen as another adapter.

to remove all traces of ati drivers from windows use click here

  Mark 10:20 04 Jun 2003

Yes that is what I thought but Gigabyte support disagree, also it does not list one instance of the adapter as secondary, just both as 9700!!

I will try the little removal program, it looks promising.

Many thanks


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