Gigabyte main board installation problem

  bolo 21:48 27 May 2003

I have just changed my mobo and case and have put together another system for my daughter using my prevoius motherboard and case (Gigabyte GA 7vax and a tsunami midi tower with 300 watt power supply), which incidently I never bothered to seperate the two as it was not necessary. I attached all cables, inserted 512mb 2100 ddr, 1700xp processor, hdd drive, floppy drive, cdrom, writer, 64 mb agp graphics card etc. I attached a monitor and powered up. Power supply came on all fans spun, cdroms and floppy lit up,
but the monitor just keeps going into standby and the boot up doesn't follow through. ARGHH!
Any ideas anyone :-).

  jazzypop 22:05 27 May 2003

Thorough troubleshooting guide - click here

  Rtus 22:43 27 May 2003

what memory did you have in it before?? Try using the old stick..Or reseat the new one...

  bolo 00:54 28 May 2003

I had 512mb pc3200 ddr, do you think there has been too many changes at once? It has dual bios and there is no jumpers to clear to failsafe defaults. any ideas?

  bolo 10:19 28 May 2003

Tried the other ram back in (pc3200) but to no avail. does anyone know how to clear the bios on a dual bios mobo

  Rtus 18:43 28 May 2003

heres a link to bios advise/review It may help (or not)but dont gigabyte have a user/faqs page ..not sure if they still do it.. you could try emailing them.

  Rtus 18:45 28 May 2003
  professor 19:59 28 May 2003

To clear the BIOS in a dual BIOS board just take out the battery on your M\B and leave it for about 10mins then put it back for the monitor keep resetting...the only EVER time ive know a monitor to do that is if the CPU itself is unstable..u sure u set it for XP1700+ setting and not somthing like a 2000+ setting? if its on auto-detect try seting it manually an the 1700+ setting.


  professor 20:03 28 May 2003

is the CPU itself seated properly in its socket? the reason i ask is that if ur not careful the CPU can actually jump a little when u put the socket arm down,still closing but with the CPU very slightly elevated out of its socket thus doing what you describe as a result.


  bolo 22:19 28 May 2003

Hi prof
I have tried reseating thr cpu twice with new paste.... no good

  goonerbill 22:56 28 May 2003

did you have pc3200 memory running in the pc before ya done the upgrade and built ya daughters pc. also check that mem and graphics card are seated correctly

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