Gigabyte Gamer 3 on board Intel graphics problem

  woodm01 17:34 03 Oct 2016

I have a Gigabyte Gamer 3 motherboard with an I7 processor, with on board Intel graphics processor.

I have this installed via Windows 10 along with an NVDIA GTX650 graphics card. Recently if I do a full "reboot" after the windows logo comes up all the monitors go into sleep mode and the system does not boot,.

To get the system to boot up with both graphics drivers installed, I have to either power off the PSU or go into the BIOS and then exit without saving changes. The system then boots fine until another "restart".

Fast boot works fine also, it's just when Windows does a "restart".

Any ideas anyone?

I have disabled the onboard graphics temporarily and the system works fine every time, but before both used to work without any problems.

Regards, Mark.

  xania 13:53 06 Oct 2016

Do you still have both graphics drivers installed? You should have deleted the on-board one when you installed the new one.

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