Gigabyte GA-7VAX Motherboard and AGP HELP please.

  Giggle n' Bits 18:46 03 Mar 2003

Had to replce my Motherboard and now have the Gigabyte GA7VAX model. On opening the First page i read AGP x8 only and a certain voltage. Then next paragraph relates to a jumper change for using a AGP x2/x4.

My Graphics Card is a Creative Blaster4 Ti4200 64MB AGP DDR. I am unsure if this is a AGP x2/x4 or x8 card.

I do know its AGP 2.0 compliant but compatabilty wise regarding the Gigabyte M/baord I am unsure about. It mentions if a AGP x2/x4 AGP Card is used you can then change a jumper. What jumper I don not know as this is not stated in any documentation. Only jumpers in manual relate to the CPU FSB, Clock multiply.

Is there anyone out there using this board, who knows how to sort the above out, who can please help. I will see if i can find more on the AGP Card and x?/x/? type.

  Rayuk 18:55 03 Mar 2003

I think you are misreading it,the jumper is on the graphics card itself.

  goonerbill 19:00 03 Mar 2003

what page are you looking at. just looked in my manual and there is nothing about agp jumpers. any way, plug the card into the agp slot and everything should be ok. if ya worried about the settings, go into bios and press and hold the Ctrl key and then press F1, this will open extra hidden options and you will be able to see what the card is running at 2x/4x/8x

  Giggle n' Bits 19:02 03 Mar 2003

I can understand why you said that Rayuk. Is Creative Card possibly in a way Automatically compliant with the boards AGP slot as the AGP card says on box its AGP 2.0 compliant.

  Giggle n' Bits 19:06 03 Mar 2003

of the K7 Triton 400 manual which this board came with. The page has 3 Exclamation marks on the right hand side page.

  Rayuk 19:07 03 Mar 2003

No I know there isnt a jumper on the card but if you read the warning in the manual it is referring to the Diamond Viper card which can run at 3.3v or 1.5v by changing the jumper on the card.
You will find that its the older cards that may have jumpers on them.

  Giggle n' Bits 19:14 03 Mar 2003

I dont want to sound thick, but is my card ok then, with this motherboard, & its just a case of slot it in AGP slot. No changing any jumpers after all ?.

  goonerbill 19:15 03 Mar 2003

looks as if ya misread the page, it is refering to a graphics card that can be set to agp2x or 4x diamond vipper v770. your card is agp 2x/4x, which means that it will run in a mobo that only has agp 2x slot. follow my earlier instructions and everything should be ok

  Giggle n' Bits 19:21 03 Mar 2003

I now have 2 more settings on this board to sort out, but will start a new post. Green Tickie here.

  Ironman556 19:25 03 Mar 2003

I have a 2x/4x 64 MB Ti4200 and am running it in an AGP 2.0 port. I think the card will automotically run at 2x as that's the maximum my mainborad supports. (that's my understanding anyway)

  goonerbill 19:28 03 Mar 2003

on another note. if ya thinking of updating the bios and have any EA/WESTWOOD games bewarned, the F9 bios update and the Via 4in1 drivers have some sort of problem, had to go back to original F3 bios. have c&c generals, c&c renegade and sims deluxe edition and the games keep crashing to desktop until going back to F3 bios. you will not find anything on EA's or WESTWOODS website about the fix but they do have warnings on there web sites about mobo's with VIA chipsets.

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