Gigabyte GA-7VA BIOS Help

  BBez 20:45 02 Dec 2004

Hi, when on-line last night, recieved the "NT Authority System Message that the system was shutting down in 30 seconds", which, i believe was the blaster worm, anyway, let the system reboot and attempted to run Avast Anti-Virus on it which ran halfway thru then the entire system locked...

I had to do a forced shutdown which resulted in a non-booting system when i tried to restart...

When powering on, the HDD light was on constantly and there was no post error codes...

After bare boning the system, which still wouldn't boot, i eventually had to replace the mobo and reformat and install the HDD as the system just came up with Boot from IDE-0 OK, but then did nothing on first run with the new mobo...

Now to the point:

I assume my BIOS has been re-written by a trojan, virus and is this possible...

How can i reflash the BIOS to make the mobo work again as there is power flowing thru the board, RAM led's on, graphics card fan running and all connected cd drives are initially getting power, this is what made me think the BIOS had been rewritten...

Any comnments, welcomed and thanks in advance...

  Rtus 21:06 02 Dec 2004

the new mobo the same make model as old one ?

  Rtus 21:14 02 Dec 2004

My thought here is test installation of mobo by reset the bios then booting from W98/or other bootable o/s floppy with Ide & power cables fitted to Hd/CDr/CDRW. just the floppy enabled, if you get no result then ,reseat every thing & try again

  Rtus 21:16 02 Dec 2004

with NO Ide & power cables fitted to Hd/CDr/CDRW.

  Gongoozler 21:17 02 Dec 2004

Your BIOS probably has a BootBlock feature, in which case this may help click here

  BBez 22:22 02 Dec 2004

thanks for the .pdf, will try that over weekend, the system doesn't even come to give me post error codes, even with only cpu, ram and floppy connected, when i connect the vga card, the monitor still stays in standby...

  temp003 01:26 03 Dec 2004

Viruses that attack the BIOS aren't really that common. Also, if it is the Blaster series of viruses, I don't remember ever reading about them infecting the BIOS.

I recently had the same error msg on my old laptop which puzzled me because all the patches and virus defs were there. It only occurred intermittently and I managed to boot into Safe Mode, did a scan and revealed no viruses. Turned out it was just a dying hdd so that a Windows process could not be loaded, giving the above error msg. Changing the hdd solved it.

Not suggesting your problem is the same, but you should try Rtus's suggestion of booting from a 98 floppy first. If it succeeds, then it's probably not a BIOS problem. If it doesn't, you can try reflashing the BIOS or checking your hardware setup again.

  BBez 07:59 03 Dec 2004

thanks for the suggestions, tried to boot with just the mobo, ram and cpu with psu and floppy, mobo gets power but no post error codes, even though no vga card, and floppy ain't initialising so i can't get BIOS flashed, all the peripherals that were connected (hdd's, ram, dvd-rom, dvd-rw, floppy) are working fine in new mobo...

possibly i'll just write it off as the board has died and just a coincidence that i got hit with virus at same time, thanks to all for all your help...

  Rtus 09:30 03 Dec 2004

Im a bit puzzled over > even though no vga card <

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