Gigabyte GA-7DX+ and Athlon XP1800+

  chrismuir 18:18 14 Oct 2003

Have the above mobo and processor. When PC is switched on, the POST says that the processor is running at 1.15GHZ, not the 1.53GHz that the Athlon XP1800+ should be running at. I have checked the RAM, it is PC2100 (DDR266).

There is a DIP switch (SW1), which the manual says is for the CPU speed setup. It is currently in the default position of 100MHz. Should I switch this to 133MHz (the manual says that the frequency ratio is dependant on the CPU)?

Is there anything else I can check?



  Rayuk 18:23 14 Oct 2003

Your cpu is 133[266]so switch should be set to 133

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