Gigabyte GA-71XEH Mobo

  stgeorge1970 18:08 20 Aug 2003

i currently have 512mb sdram in my board. the manual for the board states that it supports 1.5gb of SDRAM. however, i bought another stick of 512mb SDRAM, put it in my board, but it is not recognising 1gb, only 512mb. both modules have been tested seperately and both work fine, but not together. i would really appreciate some help on this...........Thanks in advance

  goonerbill 18:52 20 Aug 2003

heres Gigabytes link to ya mobo click here yes, ya board should be able to take 1.5gb ram. is it not showing 1gb ram on post (booting up) or is it in windows. the FAQ's section in the link isn't much help either. are both sticks of ram the same speed 100mhz and run at the same access timing 9ns etc: or what ever speed they run at, as different speeds may be the problem.

  stgeorge1970 18:59 20 Aug 2003

thanks, it doesn't show 1gb on either post or windows. there is a possibility that 1 stick is 100 & the other 133, but i thiught if that was the case they woul both run at 100?

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