Gigabyte GA-6VXE7+ front panel connectors

  scotbruce 16:01 06 Aug 2004

Having problems sorting out the front panel connectors, even with reference to the mobo manual! Can't get a peep out of it.

Any really basic help (incl. simple diagram?) for this newbie to mobo replacement to help me get booted up?

Thanx in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 06 Aug 2004

asumme you mean the USB connections?

click here for USB help

  scotbruce 18:36 07 Aug 2004

No, it's the front pnel connectors for power, reset, LEDs and speaker.

  phoenix198 22:23 07 Aug 2004

Couple of questions to narrow things down a bit:

- Are you getting absolutely no response from the board/system at all? (ie no PSU or case fans starting, no beeps, nothing on the monitor, etc)

- Are the front panel connector leads labelled?

  woodchip 23:16 07 Aug 2004

You need a looking glass to have a look at the MOBO bottom right corner of board plugs should be marked, the main one is the power lead all others are just for lights more often than not even the Hard Drive led dose not mater it will not stop it starting the computer. But you have to get the power plug on the power pins, these will be marked on the MOBO by the pins. for the other plugs you may have to revers plugs to get them to work but the power plug will not make any difference it should work ether way round. If it’s a new build do not have any drives connected until you get something on screen white letters on black background.

  scotbruce 10:54 09 Aug 2004

I'm getting absolutely no response from the board/system at all (no PSU or case fans starting, no beeps, nothing on the monitor, nada)

Yes, the front panel connector leads are labelled?

I have the mobo manual, but had difficulty 'translating' the connections, especially as the actual mobo pins aren't clearly marked, as I've seen (the one time I did this) before. I thought I had it right, but...........

It's a re-build - replacement mobo, processor and memory, the last mobo having blown a chip, I was told, probably by a power surge.

I also have a replacement PSU, which I bought when it died, assuming that that was the problem - haven't tried it yet, but also will.

Thanx for any other thoughts/directions?

  scotbruce 12:52 30 Aug 2004

Got a full idiot-description of the connectors and got it up and running. Had a problem with the on-off switch resetting, but changed the advanced CMOS settings to default and all was well.

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