Gigabyte Brix - Shutter problems.

  laywaste 16:46 13 Dec 2014

Hello, I am possibly one of very few people to own a GB-BXA8G-8890(Gigabyte Brix) mini pc.

With its current specs it should be able to run games smoothly, but with my experience the device shutters even on older games such as Call of Duty: World at War.

Lowering the settings in games also produce the same amount of shutter as maxing the settings.

Could the problem be the device is just to weak?, or maybe I don't have proper drivers.

  rdave13 16:58 13 Dec 2014

Having looked at the specs just wondering if it's running on the dedicated gpu card and not on the CPU's video chip?

  laywaste 17:19 13 Dec 2014

That's what I assume is happening also. There is no way to disable the integrated chip on the cpu through the bios. Also when right clicking on the catalysis control center it shows the integrated chip, but not the dedicated graphics card.

  rdave13 17:43 13 Dec 2014

Are there two gpu connections on the box? You might have the monitor connected to the motherboard's connection.

  laywaste 17:49 13 Dec 2014

Well I have the device running through HDMI, maybe it will run on the dedicated card when connected to a Mini DisplayPort?, i have a mini display to vga connector.

  rdave13 18:07 13 Dec 2014

I would have thought the HDMI port would be for the dedicated card and the mini port from the motherboard. Worth a try but if it worked perfectly well before it might mean driver problems. Whatever, if the mini port works as well then the card is functioning. See what happens.

If just as bad then connect back to the HDMI port, open CCC, select 'information' on left, AMD Home, untick 'Allow Web Content' then click on 'check for driver update'. If the latest is installed then I'd try going to device manger and rolling back the driver. It's a puzzle this one.

  laywaste 18:16 13 Dec 2014

It really is a puzzle. The computer should be able to run WaW on max settings because its such a old game. Il attempt what you written and write back if i can get it solved.


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