Gigabyte 7vt600 Motherboard and Modem Problem

  DAICAP 22:25 17 Dec 2003

I've just built a system using a Gigabyte 7VT600 motherboard, Athlon 1900 CPU, ATI 7500 AGP card.

System works fine until I install an internal modem, when the graphics card stops working. There is no sign off life from the monitor but the system can be heard to boot.

Anyone come across this before.

  Allan-263226 22:36 17 Dec 2003

Did you enable the modem in Bios?

  DAICAP 22:40 17 Dec 2003

The modem is fitted into the PCI slot not onbord the motherboard.
I did in desperation try enabling the modem settings but no difference.

  cycoze 22:50 17 Dec 2003

Try the modem in another slot .

  Allan-263226 22:53 17 Dec 2003

Strange, I know this mobo does have a PCI modem setting.

I use the 7vt600-L version

I'm just searching the net for an answer

  DAICAP 00:02 18 Dec 2003

Tried all PCI slots and a different graphics card.

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