Gigabyte 7VAXP Ultra and Adobe Photoshop 6

  xxxxxxxxx 00:06 28 Jul 2003

My system - 7VAXP Ultra mobo, 1800+ AMD with fan, 2 off 128Mb PC2100 generic ram, 80Gb Diamondmax +9 HDD with 8Mb cache, floppy, Innovision MX440 64Mb TV out VGA card, Diamond PCI 56K modem, Liteon DVD and CDRW units, 19" CTX VL950 monitor,SIIG SCSI-2 adapter. Standard k/board and ps/2 mouse, all housed in Aria midi tower case with 300w p/supply.

Problem:- Running Windows Me and Ad. Photoshop 6 when zooming in on image on desktop using either the zoom icon or CTRL + / -, the first 3 levels of zoom appear immediately on screen, if a 4th. level is requested then there is a delay of up to 3-5 seconds before display. Similarly if using ERASER tool - this will leave a white line across its path, sudden movement in it will not produce a response on the image for 2-5 seconds.

I have tried new Crucial memory and inc. the memory of 512MB w/o sucess. Could it be the standard 300w p/s?

Also I believe that there is a further bios access to this mobo when pressing [CTRL] [F1], when is this done, before the first bios is displayed, during, after or what, the mobo book makes no mention.

Your help grately appreciated.

Dave Hughes

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