Gigabyte 7N400E-L beeps at me every now and again!

  shortcircuit 09:52 05 Dec 2004

Hi All.

I upgraded my Mobo to the above and run the following system;
2500xp OC'ed to 3200Xp
1Gb OcZ pc3200 in Dual,
160GB Seagate
2 drives
9800Pro graphics card
Xp pro +sp2.

For some reason, the mobo beeps at me every now and again! It doesn't freeze or anything but its worrying me. Its not a succession of beeps, just one.

It does not do it when i'm not using pc , so I thought it could be to do with heat.

CPU is running at 60c. I had the same configuration in a Asus, and it showed 48c, so I'm aware that Gigabyte measure CPU temp differently that other manufacturers.

Other than that its all ok.


  ACOLYTE 11:32 05 Dec 2004

It could be a keyboard beep,mine does it somtimes when i press more than one key at a time,specially when gaming.

  Dorsai 12:05 05 Dec 2004

Or it could be the CPU actually is running hotter, and the board is warning you the CPU of this.

  shortcircuit 22:09 05 Dec 2004

Thanks all.

I'm going to rebuild tomorrow and refit the heatsink with some decent gunk.

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