Gigabit Newtworking Question.

  slamdesign 20:49 17 Aug 2008

Just bought a 2 terrabyte HP home server which connects to the network via lan, 10/100/1000.

I currently have 3 machines: Work PC (gigabit), Laptop (100base) and Media Centre PC (gigabit) which are all networked wirelessly via the modem/hub (100 base, which is slow).

Question: in order for me to utilise the fast gigabit networking between my server and my work pc, can i simply plug in a crossover cable between the server and work pc, or does this have to go through A: a gigabit switch, or B; do I have to buy a new ADSL modem/router with built in gigabit switch? Not too worried about fast connection between media centre or laptop, but from work pc and server needs to be fast.

I presume if the cross over cable works, data transfer between the 2 machines will be at gigabit speeds and the internet and wirless connection between the other machines will be at 54g speeds? is this right? sorry for the dumb question, its just gigabit switches are quite expensive.

  brundle 21:01 17 Aug 2008

Right on every count. The slowest interface in any combination of connections will be the limiting factor.

  ambra4 21:04 17 Aug 2008

Using a switch would be the best way to go

“Its just gigabit switches are quite expensive”

D-Link 5 Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Desktop Switch Price: £27.01 inc VAT

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  slamdesign 21:06 17 Aug 2008

I am still not quite sure if I combine 2 networks (wireless 54g and Gigabit) that ALL the network would just run at the slowest connection throughout Ie: all machine data transfer would run at 54g speeds. (based on the theory when combining different ram, all the ram runs at the slowest speed ram). Can anybody confirm the speed that each of my machines will transfer data. cheers

  brundle 22:05 17 Aug 2008

Sorry, I should have made it clearer - slowest connection via the appropriate medium. Your wireless network will operate at its maximum speed, your wired connection(s) will operate at the maximum speed available to it, regardless of the wireless speed.

  slamdesign 22:44 17 Aug 2008

IC, if this is the case, my easiest, cheapest and fastest option, for server < > work computer is to just buy a Cat5e or Cat6 crossover cable to connect the two! Great thats just £7!!

Then use the wireless connection for all other computer connections/data transfers at 54g slower speeds!

  brundle 23:05 17 Aug 2008

Yes spot on again.

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