Gif shot unreadable

  spuds 10:05 24 Apr 2006

When I click on pages like click here I cannot read the contents, as it appears very fuzzy and with bad very small scale printing. How can I enlarge the page or contents, so that I can read it clearly!.

This problem seem to apply with most 'images' and certain photo shots.

Thanks for any suggestions, in resolving this issue.

  howard63 10:13 24 Apr 2006

this must be them as it is the same with mine. I have tried it at 3 different resolutions and it is the same. A badly written page.

  spuds 10:15 24 Apr 2006

"Icon in the bottom right corner" -Ahh No!!.

  howard63 10:16 24 Apr 2006

I clicked at the bottom right and it came up bigger as Acolyte says.

  spuds 10:51 24 Apr 2006

I see, took some time for the icon to appear, now all's okay.Should have mentioned that I was using IE6. Never thought of trying Firefox, which I also have on the computer.

Thanks everyone for coming to the rescue, much appreciated.

Ticked as resolved.

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