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  AMBIENCE 20:06 13 Apr 2007

i have website. i have uploaded my images on to website. The problem is the images do not appear. on the webpage where the picture is suppose to be i right click and go to picture properties and then general and then to see the file extension. the file extension is in lower caps which how i want it. The images folder has the images in capital letters yet my website still does not show the images.
i have used frontpage to edit the webpages.
can someone help

  STREETWORK 22:24 13 Apr 2007

The website url would be good to post and we can have a look.

Its good practice to link pictures from a separate folder and upload the folder along with the main html files. This make it easier to manage.

It may be that your browser is not viewing the pictures so the url posted here can help things along...

  MAJ 23:51 13 Apr 2007

Keep all the filenames in lowercase as well as the extensions.

  Eric10 11:03 14 Apr 2007

Websites are case sensitive so your links to the pictures have to use the same combination of upper and lower case as are present in the filenames of your images. This is why MAJ is recommending that you use only lowercase for filenames because it is then easier to keep everything under control.

  AMBIENCE 20:20 14 Apr 2007

thankyou to everyone who replied. i still have the same problem. when i go to my webpage which i edited in frontpage, the images there, even though they are not there are in lower case gif. i found that out by right click on the image and then picture properties. the problem i think is in the images folder because the images are in capital letters yet when i upload them to my webpage they are lower caps with no image. how do i change the file extensions in my images folder to lower caps because i think that would resolve the problem.

  effingpot 21:11 14 Apr 2007

If thsi happens to me I change them manually using any FTP programme. A nice (free) one is Filezilla from click here.
Just find the file, edit it (singel click) and overtype the "JPG" with "jpg"

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