conrail 16:06 20 Sep 2005

recently installed this program onto my pc running xp pro and ie6, and although easy to use have problems with one site, my internet banking, I can access the bank site but cannot log in, the bank say there is no problem with their site and ghostsurf has an option to list sites I want to access and that is fine, any suggestions please,, thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:10 20 Sep 2005

You will find difficulty in connecting with a programme that uses a proxy server. Why not just connect with Internet Explorer? Anonymous surf programme are a waste of money and not what they say and your original IP address is easy to see ;-)))


  conrail 18:04 20 Sep 2005

thanks GANDALF, I have emailed the ghostsurf help line, I will wait to see what they say, if they reply, then possibly uninstall the program.

  conrail 03:36 25 Sep 2005

a very quick and helpful responce from the company which seemed to sort out the problem until I next switched on and was back to square 1, so I have uninstalled it

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