Ghost+Service Pack Two - experiences, anybody?

  MegsL: 23:58 11 Sep 2005

I am keen to install a drive-imaging backup program on my (up to date, well specified) desktop PC.
I have bought Norton Ghost 9 but been scared to install it, having read that it is incompatible with Windows XP Service Pack Two.
Apparently, to correct this problem, one needs to edit the BOOT:INI file which I fear might be beyond me. The alternative is risking a serious blue-screen crash and being unable to start Windows at all.
Please, have any Service Pack Two users coped with this difficulty successfully? Can anybody raise my morale? Please don't suggest consulting Norton's Help pages. I've done so already, and they are what's scaring me! Thanking you - Meg.

  Thalmus 01:48 12 Sep 2005

I've got Norton Ghost and Xp SP2 and had problems at all

  Mavisk 08:01 12 Sep 2005

No problems here

  keith-236785 11:29 12 Sep 2005

works ok for me

  keith-236785 11:32 12 Sep 2005

should also have said i did not have to edit anything, simply installed Ghost and it worked fine. just like anything else, put the cd in and it autoruns, accept the defaults and away you go.

good luck

  MegsL: 11:48 12 Sep 2005

Thanks to all of you, I think I may now have enough courage to attempt an installation.
Great forum, this - Meg.

  MegsL: 20:47 13 Sep 2005

Ghost has installed now with no sign of any blue screen error. A great relief - my thanks to you all.

I do seem to be having some trouble, though, when trying to test out its recovery functions. According to the manual Windows should allow me to boot my PC from the Ghost CD but it's not doing so - no "Boot from CD" option comes up in BIOS though my CD drive has been made the preferred one.

Has anyone else run into that problem, I wonder? This backup business seems far from straightforward.

  VoG II 20:50 13 Sep 2005

I somehow missed this post. I also have Ghost and SP2 no problem.

See if this helps you to set up to boot from the CD click here

  MegsL: 22:08 13 Sep 2005

Oh, boy! Thanks, VoG. I have checked my Dell PC manual and it is distinctly discouraging about this kind of activity. It says "unless you are an not change settings". It also says "write down your current" [i.e, original] "boot sequence, in case you want to restore it", and I've already forgotten what my original sequence was.
How I wish software manufacturers like Norton would include all necessary modifications automatically in the boxed retail versions of their programmes. It doesn't seem fair to expect ordinary users to struggle with this kind of conundrum, especially when the price of failure (losing all one's data) is so high. Thanks a lot, though, for your time and your helpfulness - Meg.

  keith-236785 22:51 13 Sep 2005

to restore an image, you need to boot your pc (set to boot cdrom before hard drive) with the ORIGINAL norton ghost disc (the one you installed ghost with) in the drive, once you get the menu, click advanced, then restore drive. at this point you need to change the disc to your saved image disc, the restore wizard will step you through and within one hour (about 45 mins for me) you will have a fully working pc again.

it does work, i restored mine about 4 weeks ago from an image i took of a new install in January. only thing left to do is to get all the windows updates again with it being so old a restore.

for me my boot option is A:(floppy) first, CDROM second then C: third. i think it also says try other boot options in fourth place but i dont have any others so its a little pointless.

best thing i can suggest is to make a copy of the norton cd, write the instructions on the disc (ie. put this disc in drive and reboot pc), store it away with your image and then when needed, its all in one place.

  MegsL: 23:55 13 Sep 2005

Good idea, shall do that forthwith. Thanks, Paperman.

Mavisk, I see you were having some problems with Ghost and XP back in April. It sounds as though you managed to fix them and all's well now, which is comforting. Meg.

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