Ghost9.0 - dumb question

  Diggory 21:42 26 Jun 2005


Excuse the dumb question but - I have two 120 GB SATA discs (source and as yet an unused back-up HDD). m looking at Ghost options and wondering why dont I just copy my source HDD to the back-up HDD and not bother with images / boot CDs.

Am I missing the point ?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:51 26 Jun 2005

Cos some files will not copy in normal use...

  Peter 00:48 27 Jun 2005


As Diodorus Siculus writes, the ordinary Windows copy function will not copy ALL of the files. The copy disk function within Ghost should do what you want, but an image file should be compressed by about 2:1 and you will be able to store more than one image file.

Also, as it is unlikely that your drive is 100% full, your image file will probably be about 30 - 40 Gig in size. The only way to find out for sure is to try out the compression settings and make an image.


  Diggory 07:37 27 Jun 2005


Sorry if did not make clear but I was referring to the "copy drive" option within Ghost and not the Win command. My question / thinking is along lines of; unless I am trying to save space (which I am not as I bought the second HDD for this purpose) then why go down the "image" route ?

Is there a problem with creating a "Ghost copy" but never actually using it as the primary drive. I would like to make a full copy and just leave it parked on SATA 2 as a back-up - can I do this ?


  Diodorus Siculus 08:02 27 Jun 2005

I think that what you want should be ok - but creating an image and then restoring it is, to my mind, an easy and effective way of doing things. Having said that, I have never used the "copy" option...

  Peter 09:53 27 Jun 2005


By using the "Image" option you will have the facility to save more than one copy of your C: Drive and thus keep things up to date as you go by replacing your oldest image with new one.

For safe backing up you need more than one copy, preferably three.


  Diggory 20:59 27 Jun 2005

Okay / thanks guys.
Will have a ponder.


  Ancient Learner 21:11 27 Jun 2005

I do auto incremmental Backups of an image of my 'C' drive using Ghost. This is placed on my second HD.

Actually, this is an over simplification, as I have 4 partitions on each drive, 3 working and 1 on each HD which is used for Ghost Images.

I have to say thet I have been mighty glad to have these on more than one occasion.

  Diggory 21:22 02 Jul 2005

Can anyone help with the Copy Drive options.

OPTION: Set Drive Active - make the destination drive the active partition.

I want to copy my C: to my second HDD but will only ever use it if I need to swap HDDs after a disaster. Should I select this option ? I am hoping that this will not make PC attempt to boot from this disk (on SATA2).

OPTION: Copy MBR to the destination HDD.

Guess that I should select this so that if I ever need to swap HDDs it will boot. Will having second OS / MBR on non boot disc cause any problems ?



  Ancient Learner 14:38 03 Jul 2005

Hang on a minute.

You only ever set the Drive active when you RESTORE your 'C' drive, otherwise all hell could be let loose. You don't use this as a way of having TWO Bootable drives on the same PC. When your normal 'C' drive breaks and you want to replace it, use the Image to restore your broken 'C' drive.

I think that you are perhaps making it too difficult for yourself. What you do is

Chose Back up Drives, then highlight the drive you want to back up, then back up to Local File, browse to your second drive and make a new folder there, then just keep pressing next and let it do its job.

Any more problems, just come back here.

  keith-236785 20:35 03 Jul 2005

the copy function is for when you are putting in a new hard drive and removing the old one (upgrading), it isnt used as a backup type operation.

while doing this, you will set the new drive (sata2) as the boot drive and your old drive would no longer be bootable.

if you want to make a backup image, you use the backup drives button (the top one)

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