Ghost recon 2 graphics problem

  midian 19:51 10 Aug 2007

I have just brought Ghost Recon 2, Installed no worries, started the game... no worries. Started a mission...ok til it came to the mission itself. The only way to describe it is... flickering and garbled graphics, then it freezes then goes to desktop with a window saying...

Crash in application version: 29980.2562

Vertex buffer Lock returned null pointer. Out of memory?

Renderer: threaded
Physics : threaded

I have the latest Directx 9.c, the latest Nvidia Drivers (162.18) Im wondering if its my graphics card as its only a 7800GT with 256 ram.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Sometimes it goes to a memory dump too but not always.

  PP321 20:02 10 Aug 2007

Youd be a 1000 times better looking on the offical site and in its faq's & forums ect

click here

  citadel 20:58 10 Aug 2007

sounds like game bug, see if there is a patch.

  wolfie3000 01:51 11 Aug 2007

Looks like your not the only one,

click here

I have the same game and recently updated my Nvidia drivers but havent tryed the game yet with the new drivers, so i might be posting the same problem :(

They do have a solution on that link and i hope it works out.

Good luck.

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