"Ghost" files

  Dirty Dick 17:07 25 Aug 2004

When i have saved Word documents into a folder there is another document alongside with the same name but also a '$' sign in front. The files are "ghosted" or greyed out.Can anyone explain please? Should I delete them?

  dave h 17:59 25 Aug 2004

do they remain there if you restart the computer? I get these files when I've just used Word, but they're not there the next time I boot up.

  [DELETED] 18:28 25 Aug 2004

I think that these are some form of temporary files Word uses.

If I work on an existing file and decide to save the new version under another name, I find that when the save box comes up, there is the original file plus the 'ghosted' one that you mention.

As dave h says, they should disappear when you reboot.

  BRYNIT 18:39 25 Aug 2004

As Easterner has said they are temp word files. They are created when you open a word doc and should disappear when the doc is closed. you will only see these files if you have enabled view hidden files and folders.

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