Ghost to DVDs

  Ancient Learner 17:33 30 May 2005

I keep trying to make an image of my 'C' Drive onto DVDs. I have no difficulty doing that to my 2nd HDD. However my 'C' drive needs 3 DVDs to accommodate it, but it seems only wise to have the occasional copy outside the PC.

When I get it all set up, the first DVD is fine, then it asks for the 2nd, which I provide and although the graphics are continuing to move, it still asks for th 2nd media, and an hour later nothing has happened. That DVD is untouched, and I am unable to do the job.

Has anyone managed to do this?

Nero has the ability to produce a back up of a hard drive, which I have used,just to try it, and that will do the multiple DVDs needed just fine. Would it be possible to use that as a clone to restore a Drive - a daft question I suppose, what is it for if not that! But has anyone used it?

And, can the Acronis software do this?

  mattyc_92 19:42 30 May 2005

Well, Acronis DOES do this... So should Ghost....

What version of Ghost are you using?

And, finally, no I haven't used Nero's Back-It-Up as I use Acronis instead....

  Rtus 19:52 30 May 2005

version 9 performs reasonable well in the clone to DVD media .however it depends which DVDR media your using mine drives a bit picky..
Which O/S ( Xp by any chance)are you using & which DVD drive model ?

  mattyc_92 19:55 30 May 2005

That is basically why I asked what version Ancient Learner is using...

V9 (2005) doesn't allow you to copy to -r/+r media... You HAVE to use RWable media like another hard-disk

  Ancient Learner 20:23 30 May 2005

Thank you for your answers.

I think that you have probably answered my problem.

The Ghost that I am using is Version 9, 2005.

I am on XPSP2.

The drive is a SONY DVD RW DW-U18A, which, I understand, as it was provided as original equipment, cannot be updated, and Sony will not supply new drivers.

I can use Ghost with DVD+R for smaller drives that will fit on just one DVD. However, from what you say. I will have to try with DVD+RW tomorrow and see if they will work.

Will Acronis do the job with just DVD+R's then?

  mattyc_92 11:00 31 May 2005

Acronis wont as well.... Both Arconis and Ghost use a "schedule" type backup which you can update, so they will only allow you to "write" to re-writtable media

Ghost 2003 allows you to burn to DVD-Rs though

Also, you could just write to another partition and then burn the image(s) that Acronis/Ghost has made to a DVD-R

  Ancient Learner 11:53 31 May 2005

Thank you for that.

However, this poses two more questions.

If I had managed to burn the image to a DVD-/or+R from a partition, using Nero(?), would it then work as a clone to overwrite a partition in the same way that a Ghost Image does. The reason I ask is that I seem to remember something about a read only file being produced when burning this way and there being difficulties therein. Perhaps I have got it wrong.

And, when I use Nero to do a burn of files/folders, I am presented with a scale, that when it is full, indicates that that is how much I can put onto the DVD, with no suggestion of multiple disks. My 'C' drive will take up 3 DVDs. So I don't really know how I would do this.

Some people are a pest sometimes, I know, but I don't find it easy to do these kind of things.

Rant Coming- - And why on earth do Ghost and Acronis not also offer to use DVD+/-Rs; why make it all so tricky, and worse, not make it clear. I would have thought, that since, so we are told that is, +/-Rs are more stable and long lasting than +/-RWs, it would be better to have the opportunity to use the more stable media. But then I'm only a user, not a designer of this stuff, so what do I know.

  jimv7 13:03 31 May 2005

Not having used ghost 9, I can comment on the earlier version, ghost 2003, there is a check box in properties to enable spanning across multiple cd/dvd.

  mattyc_92 13:41 31 May 2005

Well your first question:

IF you create a "backup" using Ghost and burn the image(s) made to a DVD-R, then you CAN use it to revert your system (but it wont be bootable so you need to boot from your Installation Disk for Ghost)

to your second question:

There SHOULD be an option that allows you to "span" (spread the backup into smaller files to burn to a disk) just typoe in "4.5Gb" for the "maxsize"

to your third question

They only do this, as both are now designed so that you can just backup files that are new/modified, so the media that "holds" the data, must be re-writtable for this... BUT you CAN burn them manually to a DVD-R/+R if you wish (but only if you are prepared to backup the whole drive(s) again which will be longer than just backing up the changed/new files)

  Ancient Learner 14:53 31 May 2005

Thank you both for your replies and interest.

So far today, I have made 4 attempts at trying to get myself a DVD copy of 'C' drive. I tried new DVD+RWs. As with the DVD+Rs the first disc worked OK but the next did nothing.

I had a strange memory of at some time being told that some programmes couldn't recognise a drive if its letter was not in the first half of the alphabet - my DVD is 'Z'. So I changed it to 'K', erased the first disk and tried then started again - no different!

Reverted back to 'Z' again. (I have an incremental Nero Back up of 'My Docs' there and I don't want that to foul up).

Because the second DVD is not formatted, I thought perhaps that I should do that. The only way that I know is to burn something onto it and then erase the content. That way it does get formatted and Windows can see it. Tried again, no difference. Back to 'K' drive, erased the DVD, there being nothing on the second one to erase, and tried again - - just the same.

I can't see a 'properties' in Ghost anywhere and I can't see where I could do anything about spanning . The only mention of spanning that the 'Help ' seems to show concerns something to do with making an image, to the HDD, in pieces to match the size of the media, which is not what I want to do, if I can avoid it.

  mattyc_92 15:46 31 May 2005

You are correct... You are supposed to format the DVD-RWs... Use Nero's InCD from click here

Just FORMAT it, not erase, so that then InCD can be used (so you can use the DVD-RW as a normal HD)

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