ghost 9 users help please

  acein1 19:15 28 Jun 2007

ive used "ghost 9" for about 2 years,no problems ontill now. i have 2 drives c and f ,internal,im cloning c to f,when i get to step 3 "use standard compression recomended", it always worked ontill today ,so i tried changing from "standard" to "high",and it worked ok (just took longer)my question is ?whats the differance between "standard" and" high",will it make any differance to my backup ?? like if i had to actualy turn on the backup ,if my "c" drive failed
many thanks

  Peter 21:36 28 Jun 2007

The difference between Standard and High compression is that the high compressing will produce a smaller ghost image file than standard compression will and therefore take up less storage space. As the compression algorithm has to work harder the process is slower. Other than that there should be no real difference.


  acein1 23:40 28 Jun 2007

thanks peter, ive decided to get rid of ghost after 2 years of use im now trying xxclone,thanks for your help anyway

  Graham. 00:06 29 Jun 2007


  acein1 19:19 29 Jun 2007

graham strange ??,
anyway ive installed and ran "zzclone",and i cant believe how easy it was to what i want ,ok it dose take a lot longer than "ghost",but so what,im retired so set it up and go for a walk ,i like the way it totaly cleans the "target" drive before it dose the backup,no need for me to format or do anything else ,just let "xxclone" do all the work for you ,any problems (ive not had any yet) just swap the drives and your back on track ,any other users agree cheers

  Graham. 20:02 29 Jun 2007

I just thought it strange you asked a question on Ghost, then announced you were 'getting rid' :-)

If xxclone does what you want, fair enough.

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