Ghost 10 Question

  SHUNNA 14:55 13 Jul 2006

As the HD in my laptop was intermittently freezing and making clicking noises, I managed to carry out a full backup onto two DVD`s using Ghost 10.and an external dvd writer. Just after i finished, the HD drive failed. I now intend to fit an identical new HD and am not sure of the procedure after fitting it.
Can i just load the basic Xp o/s without SP2 and all the fixes, then reinstall Ghost and use my two dvds to recover my laptop to its former state?

  ade.h 17:25 13 Jul 2006

I don't use Ghost, but I would expect to be able to make a clean installation from the recovery discs, which should run when inserted. Does the manual not tell you? Symantec stuff always used to come with a doorstop of a manual.

  SHUNNA 18:32 13 Jul 2006

Thanks for that, looks like I`ll have to find the manual and plough through it, though from previous experience you can never find the exact scenario you want. Was hoping to find a Ghost expert.

  Pine Man 19:46 13 Jul 2006


I used to use ghost and from memory all you need to do is boot your new HD from the ghost cd which should allow you to access the back up files for a full restore.

  Pine Man 19:51 13 Jul 2006

I forgot to say you may have to format your your new HD first but you definitely haven't got to install your operating system.

  SHUNNA 20:02 13 Jul 2006

Thanks for the info Pine Man.

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