GFX Card Recommendation for Antique machine

  Mr_Hill 21:26 15 Dec 2014


I come seeking advice, I am a novice in the world of "CHOOSING" PC upgrades but I am usually competent to install and fix teehee

First things first, I can not afford a new PC hence why I am looking to replace my failing GFX card to prolong a bit of life into this old box - I only play WoW and browse the net with it.

Dell Inspiron 530s

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16ghz

LGA775 Socket

4 GB Ram (Self upgraded)

2 HDD - 1 CD/DVD Drive

ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256mb (Sounds like a garden strimmer and is overheating)

A friend of mine ran some wattage calculators and that's where I got lost and need help! He also mentioned a HD6670 Graphics card - unsure if 1GB or 2GB. Also talk of getting a Corsair 500W builder series PSU but if I can get away with a GFX card alone - even better!

At the end of the day as I said above, all I play is WoW which unfortunately is on the lowest possible settings since the latest expansion. So any small upgrade would be a mercy!

Willing to respond to any questions that may help!

Thank you :)

  rtp8™ 01:29 16 Dec 2014

I believe your Dell Inspiron 530s has a 300-350W PSU so recommend this GT 620 which doesn't need extra power connection.

  Mr_Hill 20:49 16 Dec 2014

rtp8 thank you kindly for the response, could I ask for the purpose of educating myself how you came to derive my needs and choose the particular recommendation?

My PSU is BESTEC TFX0250P5W - Showing max power being 250W. Opened up the box this evening to double check


  rtp8™ 01:57 17 Dec 2014

So you have the slimline 530s (should have noticed the "s") which has the custom made 250W PSU, you can't put a standard 500W Corsair in there , it won't fit I'm afraid.

The GT620 should work because it's low profile & only draws 75W from the motherboard PCI-e slot and no additional power connection needed.

  Mr_Hill 15:34 19 Dec 2014

I have just purchased a:

Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 620 Graphics Card (1GB, DDR3, PCI Express 2.0, Low Profile, HDMI, DVI-I, VGA, Nvidia PureVideo HD, Super Alloy Power)

Fingers crossed it works as planned.

Thanks again for your advice!

  wee eddie 17:57 19 Dec 2014

Another option: Take out the Card and clean the stour off. Remove the cover from the back of the fan motor and put a drip of 3in1 on it. You may need to move the heat sink so don't forget a little Arctic Silver to maintain good thermal contact

  Mr_Hill 22:58 19 Dec 2014

Thanks for the advice wee eddie but the card is already ordered and paid for, the gfx card needed a wee upgrade (from 256mb to 1gb) anyway to give me a little bit more life in this game (until i can afford a new machine), played since it was released back in 2004 and largely only stick around for the friends I have made.

Thanks all :)

  rtp8™ 01:56 20 Dec 2014

@ wee eddie

Your suggestion could work but from past experience if a fan bearing starts failing it'll fail again soon & the HD 2400 is a museum piece for today's standard .

@ Mr_Hill

Please let us know if the new card works as planned.

  Mr_Hill 19:49 23 Dec 2014

The new card arrived today, I was filled with excitement but sadly missed the postman and couldn't collect until tomorrow. But I thought nay, I shall go tonight and get it! Success, it was mine!!

I got it home, started to uninstall my old drivers (as per website recommendation for gfx card install?) and took out the graphics card to find .... one fatal flaw!

We mentioned it above with regards to the PSU - Slimeline. I think the term is Small Form Factor! The card was about an inch too big! Hopefully will get a refund ok but leaves me needing another recommendation with my limted machine :-\

I am even tempted to go to those robbing buggers PC World this evening if they had one in stock that would do lol

  rtp8™ 09:45 24 Dec 2014

Your new graphs card is not too big, it's the face plate you'll need to change. look into the package if there is any shorter face plate provided , if not then you may have to purchase one or the quickest way will be unscrewing the existing one from the Ati HD2400 & swap with the new card.

Compare different face plate sizes between GT620 & HD2400

  Mr_Hill 12:56 24 Dec 2014

I should not have doubted you, but then again I am only learning! Thank you!

I had a tinker with my card, the PCI Slot cover was not the same and none were supplied but I bodged it so far and currently installing my drivers. I have ordered a Asus Coverto replace when it arrives, although I doubt I will use my HDMI slot but best to fit properly.

On the HD2400 the pin type was an array of pins, where the new card has like a cross at the bottom. My only problem is that I have a dual monitor cable/split that fits the old type and I know nothing about the connection type names. The monitor side of the cables fits ok. Any ideas?

Thanks again

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