gfx card dislodged?

  Rennaissance 11:26 23 Dec 2003

Hi i have recently posted a couple of threads, one about my monitor suddenly not recieving output from my gfx card while playing game then crashes. 2 that my system freezes sometimes while watching tv on my win tv express card and just the sound is lkeft. So i thought itmight be the gfx card, decided to open my case and have a look, a ethernet adapter was quite close to the gfx card heatsink so moved it down one pci slot. Also i saw that the gfx card's clip was not in place and it took me a while but i finally put it right.

I was wondering, if a gfx card was dislodged in a slight way, would it still work, and then cause these freezes and crashes on my system? Well i have put it right and now i haven't had a crash since, but they seldom happen anyway. Thanks for your replies if any.

Not that the card was being moved byt hte ethernet card, that the ethernet card was fouling the fan if any on the card thus causing overheating...

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