Gf's Hp pavillion Lappy fan on ALL the time-Grrr!

  buel 13:19 06 Jun 2009

Hi, my girlfriend's laptop's fan is on all the time, is this a problem in the bios? Has anyone any tips how to explain to me what to do please?

  buel 12:52 07 Jun 2009

Hello OTT_Buzzard,

It would be really helpful if you or anyone else could still help me.

The laptop is:


  buel 13:54 07 Jun 2009

Thank you for replying Mooly

The fan does not come on as soon as i hit the power button, it is after windows loads.
It begins with just a slow speed but as i am using it say over half an hour it increases speed and noise substantially

I have checked on the task manager and it reads CPU usage as 21% is this normal?

Could you explain what entering the BIOS is as unfortunately i don't know what this means?

  OTT_Buzzard 14:20 07 Jun 2009

mooly has made a good point on resources. If you processor is continuously running at 21% then there's probably something not quite right there.

That said, it may well be a different issue to your fans constantly running since your CPU isn't excessively hot.

I was looking throug the HP website looking for a copy of the user manual when i came accross this:

click here

It's well worth having a read.

Also you may want to read this:

click here

Can you have a look through the first link and see how relevant it is to you?
I can't seem to locate a copy of your user manual at the moment - this will contain the information to alter fan speeds in BIOS.

  OTT_Buzzard 14:27 07 Jun 2009

is the Basic Input Output Settings;

When your laptop is booting up it will display a message to the effect of 'Press (whatever key) to enter setup'. This is how you enter BIOS.....

  mooly 17:18 07 Jun 2009

I'm guessing it's Vista as it's still under warranty.
If you begin to type RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE into the start box you will see Reliability and Performance monitor. Click on it and look at the real time graph for CPU etc. Below the graphs are drop downs for each category and the CPU one will show what is using the highest resources at any given time. Keep the window open, just minimise it so you can keep having a look as you use the PC.
As I type this my CPU is at around 2 to 3 % with occasional kicks up to 20 or so. The fan cuts in every couple of mins for 40 seconds or so on it's slowest speed. With the PC just sat there doing nothing it should idle around 2 to 5% I reckon.
In the power options I use "Balanced" which sets the processor at 80% max speed but allows it to "dynamically" go to 100 if needed. Power plans are another topic though.
To enter the BIOS you press (usually F2) straight after hitting the power button. Keep tapping it during those first few seconds.

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