gforce fx5200 PCI card 256mb

  sirduke 22:59 09 Oct 2005

any help would be greatly appreciated
i have a trigem motherboard with chipset 845gl with onboard graphics i have installed a fx5200 pci graphics card and disabled the onboard grfxi am running a 2.2 CELERON with XP HOME and 1gb of pc2100 ddr,the problem i have is my games are playing jerky jerky,,i cant alter much in the bios,,,can anybody point me in the right direction cos these games arnt cheap as we all know
many thanks

  Totally-braindead 23:04 09 Oct 2005

Have you installed the drivers for the new graphics card?

  Stuartli 23:08 09 Oct 2005

You require the nVidia drivers if you have not already obtained the latest version from its website.

See this TweakGuide to nVidia drivers on how to configure your setup for maximum effeciency:

click here

  hzhzhz 23:10 09 Oct 2005

The fx5200 is not one of the latest g/cards is it?

  hzhzhz 23:17 09 Oct 2005

What games are you playing?

  Stuartli 23:21 09 Oct 2005

>> The fx5200 is not one of the latest g/cards is it?>>

No, it's been around a while. But it's good enough for my purposes and, no doubt, many others who are not interested in playing the very latest games...:-)

  hzhzhz 23:23 09 Oct 2005

I just thought if sirduke was trying to play the latest games with an older card then he might encounter problems.

  gudgulf 00:01 10 Oct 2005

I'd be interested to know what games you are playing.........and do you really mean a pci card and not an AGP card?

It will make a big difference to performance if it is a pci card.

  keith-236785 06:57 10 Oct 2005

the FX5200 is quite adequate to play most games, i have the 128mb AGP version and its ok for me (but i dont play the latest big games). as Stuartli says, download and install the latest drivers, things should improve with that. though having said that, i am using windows XP drivers and its ok for me. i will try the nvidia drivers and see if i get an improvement.

  sirduke 11:32 10 Oct 2005

it is a PCI card as i have not got a AGP slot on my mboard, i have played half life 2 and call of duty 1 and 2 ok but cant play any medal of honor or wcs snooker 2oo3 or 2004,ihave all the latest drivers allready installed fom nvidia
thanks again

  Stuartli 11:41 10 Oct 2005


click here

click here

Plus this quote:

"The FX5200 (PCI version) is the only card capable of running the latest games and being available in old PCI form. It's not exactly a great card, but cheap enough." at:

click here

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