gforce 8600 gts

  mobileman1953 22:23 28 Feb 2010

hi all got a nvidia geforce 8600gts, works ok but cooling fan is noisy,does anyone know if and where i could buy a replacement fan


  rdave13 22:46 28 Feb 2010

First thing I'd try is to remove the card and try gently cleaning the dust off the fan. Use an artists brush to loosen the compacted dust within the fan's covering. Take your time doing it in case you damage anything.

  mobileman1953 23:39 28 Feb 2010

tried cleaning

  rdave13 23:44 28 Feb 2010


  mobileman1953 23:53 28 Feb 2010

its still noisy

  rdave13 00:00 01 Mar 2010

Sure it's the GPU fan?

  mobileman1953 08:33 01 Mar 2010

sure do tried old card noise had gone

  rdave13 09:49 01 Mar 2010

Another similar thread; click here
Don't know if that helps.

  mobileman1953 11:54 01 Mar 2010

thanks rdave13 will look at sites in your link

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