Gettting numerous fail to connect warnings

  hatrickj 19:15 22 Aug 2008

Recently but on an increasing rate I have been getting failed to connect warnings when going to sites, but it has not worried me, However today I tied to get to a couple of well known ones, e.g. Plumb World. In that case the failure warning mentioned a third party site, as did the other well- known site. With Plumb World it was “

I am confused why this should be happening but wonder if it has anything to do with WinPatrol that I installed a few weeks ago on the advice of Malware Removal, when I suspected I had caught a bug. I was also advised to replace the standard hosts file with the MVPS one.

Have I been foolish, and what do I need to do to for the failed to connects to stop? If it is WinPatrol that is the problems’ cause, how can I modify the settings, or is it best uninstalled?

FWIW I have XP SP3 and use Firefox as my browser.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

  RFB 19:29 22 Aug 2008

Winpatrol should cause no problems like this.
It is more likely to be a firewall or virus scanner.
Can you tell us what security you have running please?

  woodchip 19:33 22 Aug 2008

MPVS is more than likely stopping getting into sites as it knows the dodge ones/ Do a search for Host file then try putting it in another folder, You can move it back if you want to

  hatrickj 22:02 22 Aug 2008

Running security
Anti Virus Avast 4.8
Firewall PC Tools Firewall Plus
Both are standard installs

Router's Firewall

@ woodchip
That's what I thought, so I'll keep it in mind. If need be can i create another non MPVS hosts file?

  hatrickj 09:01 23 Aug 2008

I have just noticed that the Yahoo search for PlumbWorld brimgs up two entries. both with the same address

Plumb Worldclick here - The UK's leading supplier of bathrooms, kitchen and plumbing supplies...


Plumb World
Offers showers, taps, valves, fittings and tools. ... Terms and conditions. What's new. Plumbworld on TV. Plumbworld FAQs. Careers. Manufacturers ...
click here - Cached

One does not get through to Plumb World(the first one) but the other does. Confused!!!!

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