Getting Word to select British -ise spelling

  Fancy Skater 09:42 05 Nov 2003

Word 2002 with British English spelling selected accepts both -ise and -ize alternatives instead of only -ise. Anyone know how to force selection of only British -ise spelling and reject the American -ize?

  exodus 09:50 05 Nov 2003

Open Word, select Tools from the toolbar/ highlight Language/ click Set Language/ highlight English (UK) and click OK box.

  Fancy Skater 10:20 05 Nov 2003

I already had English (UK) selected but went back and confirmed it. At the top of the selection box are:

Tick English (U.K.)
Tick English (U.S.)

Does this mean Word is using both UK & US spellings? I don't seem to be able to get rid of the English (U.S.) option. Any ideas?

  Taff36 10:35 05 Nov 2003

You can remove the US option but I don`t know if it solves your problem. Go to Control Panel - Regional & Language Options - Language Tab - Details then settings tab. In the Installed services scroll down to the ENGLISH US entry and click remove button. Click apply and exit word then restart word for the change to apply. Now type -ize and let me know......

You can reverse the process anyway and make other languages available.

  Fancy Skater 10:50 05 Nov 2003

Yes I tried this earlier and have only English (United Kingdom) option available having removed the US option. The problem still exists and both -ise and -ize are accepted!

  plankton 10:58 05 Nov 2003

Ah! Some -ize's ARE British, and the Americans change them to -ise! It's usually the other way round, but authorize, sanitize, realize and others are in fact correct!

  Taff36 11:15 05 Nov 2003

Yes and galvanise or galvanize are acceptable UK spellings so I`m not sure where we go from here. The more I think about it I suspect it cant be done in a general way because the English dictionary is allowing the spelling.

Fancy Skater - Is it a few particular words you are trying to eliminate? If so what about autocorrect.

  Fancy Skater 11:53 05 Nov 2003

Thank you; autocorrect is a possible though labourious option. If I went through and entered all the options I wanted, how could I transfer this to other computers? Is it contained in the dictionary file or other?

I work for a UK charity with a number of American and Canadian colleagues & I'm trying to make things easier for them. I 'recognise' that the Oxford English Dictionary offers both options and even selects '-ize' as the first option but generally this is not British practice. We need to have a spelling checker that follows normal practice. I assumed that MSWord would choose the normal '-ise' option.

All seems very strange that MS haven't sorted this one out!

  Peverelli 13:30 05 Nov 2003

There must be a spelling database somewhere on the PC that programs such as Word refer to. Anyone know where it is?

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