Getting A wireless printer for a Samsung Netbook N130

  julius44 08:47 06 Sep 2011

Good morning to you all. I have a query and i'm hoping to get a good solution please. Mu sister was given a Samsung N130 as a gift from a friend, about 2 years ago. She has used it without any problems, she has a studio flat, for her and her daughter, she's never purchased a printer, and if she really wanted to print something she would quickly go to a friends, come down to my place or go to an internet cafe.

She now is considering getting a wireless printer, and NOT a wired one, due to the sall flat, and her being able to move the netbook round her place. I needed to find out if she would still be able to use a wireless printer with her netbook, as she wouldnt be able to install the CD rom, and also whether on a lot of the printer websites, that she can download the drivers WITHOUT any problems please, and also whether even if she could download the printer drivers, she wouls have enough memory, as she Samsung N130 is windows XP, and her netbook only has 1gb of RAM

Secondly I advised her to look at Epson printers.....and personally here is my reason: I have a Wired Epson Stylus DX4400 printer, which I purchased over 3 years ago....It uses 4 cartridges of ink which are Cyan, black, Magenta, and yellow. I normally buy a pack of 12 with 3 colours each on ebay for about £6 and this can last me for btw 3-8 months, as i dont print that much. I realise there are a lot of offfers on printers but the ink costs an arm and a leg, so i'd really like her to get a wireless Epson printer, that uses same cartridges. so if I can get some links to wireless Epson printers please. My sister does not need anything fancy, and she wont be printing pics at home. So just a wireless Epson printer, that can print docs fast, nice and quick please and in colour. Many thanks.

  onthelimit1 09:22 06 Sep 2011

Plenty of room on a netbook for printer drivers (the amount of RAM is irelevant, it's HDD space which counts). You should be able to download software from the manufacrurers website with no problem. If not, and eternal DVD player is very cheap. Compatible cartridges are available for most printers now - I use 999 Inks - may be worth checking availablity before buying a particular printer. For what she wants, no need to pay much eg thisand inks cost this

  gengiscant 09:52 06 Sep 2011

Heres another a bit cheaper:Epson. Shop around for ink.

  julius44 10:03 06 Sep 2011

Many thanks for that...onthelimit1 and gengiscant. Funny enough I was having a look at the one just sent by gengiscant, which I think would be perfect for my sister. Much appreciated. if you pls come across any more ones that are cheap from Epson, pls let me know.

  gengiscant 10:13 06 Sep 2011

If you want cheaper then I think you will find it will no longer be wireless.

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