Getting into webdesign?

  Gaz 25 00:26 11 Sep 2004


I have used and built pages using most common languages such as HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, some ASP, Some Flash, etc

However, I would like to get more into making professional sites, and I find making Flash time consuming and complex.

Also, finding decent non-copyright images or, creating your own very difficult as well.

Where actually can you get, or make these lovely professional images?

What photo editing software would you suggest?

BTW, I would find £400 for Photoshop a bit hefty if I cant grasp and get used to making good images in this. Paint Shop pro seems a cheaper way.

Let me know what you think!


  Simon_P 00:44 11 Sep 2004

For a lot less than Photoshop PSP8 is excellent and plenty good enough for making quality web graphics. It is also a powerful image editing program.

There is not much that PSP cant do that Photoshop can, the bottom line I guess it that you do get what you pay for, personally I think PSP8 is an excellent program and a little more user friendly than Photoshop. Photoshop is however the better program and the pro standard but at a price.

Some web hosts do include a library if images.

  Gaz 25 00:47 11 Sep 2004

Yeh. I might buy the £50 pack from amazon.

I host my own websites, so I havent got access to script libary's etc.

  Simon_P 01:05 11 Sep 2004

click here and see if you like it (60 day trial I think)

  Gaz 25 01:28 11 Sep 2004


  Taran 01:44 11 Sep 2004

For the web you'd be hard pressed to find something better than Ulead PhotoImpact. It has a great many dedicated web tools and is a superb and vastly underrated program. Currently Ulead are offering PhotoImpact XL at half its normal price - click here for details of the £30-17 offer.

PSP is excellent as well and I know quite a few graphics designers who use it in preference to Photoshop for general work. I also have a lot of time for Macromedia Fireworks.

Your question regarding images is a bit ambiguous. Are you looking at how to obtain or create web graphics for UI elements (buttons and so on) or are you worrying at photography in general and how to stage shots to get the desired results ?

There are loads of galleries of images available online and many of the images are free or available for commercial use for a modest enough fee.

Web UI elements require some careful thought to implement and if it is raw design skills you are looking for then you may need some training, either from online resources or on a dedicated course. You can learn good design up to a point but you do need a natural feel for it.

If you can offer more detail of your 'professional images' issues, one of us may be able to assist.

  woodbexhill 21:27 11 Sep 2004

Photoshop should be, if you don't consider the cost constraints you're definite first choice - however, I do agree, the cost of Photoshop certainly is extremely high.

If you're looking for copyright-free images, then google 'stock x' first link - register an account. That will provide access to thousands of professional quality images for use with design

  Gaz 25 21:33 11 Sep 2004


FreeFoto has been useful as well.

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