Getting usb2 to work... How ?

  grabster 21:26 09 Feb 2005

Just slotted a via 6202 pci card into my gigabyte ga-7dxe , win xp system but cant get usb2 working. under properties it says no drivers loaded.
Now i know i need sp1 installed to get it working but i have sp2 and windows update doesnt give me the option to download sp1,i figured i already had it any way.
i had to uninstall the device just to get my other usb1 stuff working again. any ideas anyone on what i should be doing to get things up and running TIA.

  zarobian 21:34 09 Feb 2005

Which OS you are using (WinXP Pro/Home or Win98)

  grabster 21:38 09 Feb 2005

Hi, winxp home

  EdFrench 21:39 09 Feb 2005

Check in the Device Manager to see if the drivers are loaded.
I have had this problem a few times after a re-format.
I think it's just that the locate new hardware wizard is so busy with xp2 on a build that it gets missed sometimes.
Just select re-install frivers and xp should pick up what you need from your system automatically.

  EdFrench 21:39 09 Feb 2005


  zarobian 21:47 09 Feb 2005

Sorry. You are using windows XP.Press the Windows Key and hit Break key. This will take you to System Properties. Click on Hardware and select Device Manager. Check if there is a Yellow "?" or "!" sign against USB Hub. To do this click on the + sign in front of the Universal Serial Bus Controller.
If there is, then double click on USB HUB and from the window now opened select Driver tab. From the next window which will open when you click on Driver tab, select Update Driver. Accept the recommended path, when finshed click ok and close the Window hope fully it will do the trick. Be prepared if it asks for Installation CDROM (Windows XP CDROM).

  grabster 21:55 09 Feb 2005

No yellow sign or any trace of usb2 .

  zarobian 22:23 09 Feb 2005

You have Universal Serial Bus Controller. If there is no + Sign againt it then just double click the Universal Serial Bus Controller and follow the lines as I said above. But if there is a plus (+) sign click on this it will Reveal USB Hub.

  zarobian 22:31 09 Feb 2005

If my previous 2 suggestions did not help.Then go to start>>Run and Type cmd...Click Ok. This will open Command prompt. Now type sfc /scannow press enter. Make sure you leave a space between sfc and /......(It will look like C:>sfc /scannow). Get ready if it asks for WinXP CDROM.

  grabster 06:16 10 Feb 2005

zarobian, i tried your suggestion and ran scan now but nothing was amiss. when i open Universal Serial Bus Controller all i see is my generic hub,usb root hub(x2),and via rev 5 controller(x2).no enhanced or usb2 whatsoever. when i plug something in to my new card nothing happens at all.
so much for plug n play.
incidentally,why is there a fifth port on the card which stays inside the machine,the instructions dont mention it at all ?

  zarobian 08:37 10 Feb 2005

The good news is that your computer and the Universal Serial Bus are OK. All I can suggest now is moving your USB2 card to a different PCI slot in your computer. Doing this will change the IRQ and if there is any conflict that will be solved. If this fails I am afraid your USB Card may be useless. I have seen this before. Did your card came with software disk by the way? If it is have you trying loading it. Any how WinXP should not need external software.
The last thing I would suggest opening your Control Panel and click on Add New Hardware icon. Follow the instructions. Let us see if it can detect your NEW HARDWARE and install driver for it from the Drivers catch.

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