getting started with new HDD

  Magik ®© 09:30 22 Sep 2004

Hi,just seen on another post about formatting a HDD, It said put in the windows XP disk and boot up from that, my disk is one supplied by qustion is, does that work when i put the new HDD into my laptop, which should be here today, or is there more to it..


  JonnyTub 09:33 22 Sep 2004

the dell disk is more than likely a recovery cd. You can download a program from to create a floppy disk based bootdisk which will start your pc and allow you to format and partition.

  Magik ®© 09:35 22 Sep 2004

thanks , i will do that now, so i am already...

  JonnyTub 09:38 22 Sep 2004

no probs, i can email you a program called boot98.exe which extracts the files to a floppy for which you can then use for 98 or xp. click on the envelope next to my name if you wish.

  rawprawn 09:48 22 Sep 2004

I have a Dell 4300, and the disc supplied by Dell is a full XP and you can use it no problem. I have done many times.

  JonnyTub 09:55 22 Sep 2004

What does the disk say on it label magik???

  rawprawn 10:02 22 Sep 2004

Just so you can check against mine. It says "Operating System re installation CD Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" Only use this disc to reinstall the operating system on a Dell computer The CD is not for re installation of programs or drivers. For distribution only with a new Dell computer. Basically the colour is maroon with a strip of white at the top.

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