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  Meshuga 04:26 09 Oct 2004

I have a friend who has been given a pc and has no ISP so cannot access the internet.How can he sign up with an ISP if he can`t get on the net in the 1st place. I seem to remember seeing about a program that gave you access to the web in an emergency without having to sign up and you could use it to email too. My memory being what it is,I can`t remember how I did it myself when I first got my pc . Can anyone help please. Meshuga.

  picklsey 07:19 09 Oct 2004

the only way i can think of is to get an aol disc from the likes of asda take the free access for a month this at least would let him on the net and he could either sign up to aol or browse the net to find an isp.hope this won,t cost him anything.

  harps1h 07:25 09 Oct 2004

go to pc world and get an anytime disc. this will connect him on a pay as you go service for free. Sorry wannadoo, or whatever it is called now

  Jarvo 07:39 09 Oct 2004

There are lots of different isp's you could chose from buy a copy of PCA and you will find a tiscali CD inside or pop down to PC world/Curry's/Argos and pick up a wanadoo CD, go to asda and get a AOL CD (although AOL can be a bit intrusive it offers good control for family usage), Tesco offer their own isp and yet again disc's are free.

Before you sign up though look for which isp gives the best upgrade path and how much they charge. All of them will allow you to connect on a pay per view basis (usually about 1p per min) but if your Friend will use the net / e-mail a lot then he will be better of upgrading to a monthly subscription unlimited access account or broadband. check out the cost of these services now and any contract termination periods because most of us start off thinking that we wont use the net a lot and end up upgrading.

last but not least if he lives in a cable (NTL/Telewest) area check out the cost of connection with his telephone/cable provider they will send you a free CD and often provide a dial up service with good options for upgrading to cable broadband.



  Meshuga 08:05 09 Oct 2004

Why didn`t I think of that. Regards, Meshuga.

  spanneress 09:25 09 Oct 2004

Alternatively..use Turbosheep - you just create a manual dial up account and add the 3 simple bits of info in...I use it for testing on nearly every machine I fix and it works a account, local rate call on your phone bill only and allows access to set up an account with an ISP if you so wish.
(web site down at mo so here are the details)

Are code and number : 0845 0961234
Username : [email protected]
Password : fast


  GroupFC 09:51 09 Oct 2004

Very useful - thanks for that!

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