Getting a Spycam to run in Win7

  jimforrest 18:01 17 May 2014

A bit out of my depth here chaps - I'm hoping someone can step-by-step help me to sort out connecting a spycam. (My house gutters fill with leaves from nearby trees so I've fixed a tiny cam to a giant Chinook R/C Helicopter so I can look into the gutters).

Bought the cam MD99S(IP) from Fleabay (it's also sold as XQA2 Minicam). It has wifi built in and connects readily to a mobile phone via a free App. Picture and sound are VERY good too. It also records onto a mini SD Card. However,I want to connect it 'live' to my Win7 Laptop but so far without success.

The website lists the Apps - but the one for the PC is in Chinese. So I downloaded iSpy and tried that - but although I can get it to search for the cam, and it list over 15 url's, none connect.

I have the ID and Password for it. Add Wireless Device can't see it so that route is closed. Any ideas?

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