Getting sound from DVD Rom but no sound cable

  pj123 13:26 05 Feb 2006


I have an LG DVD burner and a CD rom drive. Both drives need a sound cable connected to the MOBO to get sound from the speakers.

I have just (yesterday) replaced the CD Rom drive with a Pioneer DVD Rom drive. Although it came with a sound cable I didn't connect the sound cable, but when I tested it with a DVD Movie I get full sound from the speakers?

How does that work?

  JWJH 13:29 05 Feb 2006

I believe its passed through the ribbon cable. I have three DVD drives on mine, all without the dedicated cable connected and all pass sound okay.

  Fingees 13:33 05 Feb 2006

It's the wat they tend to work digitally nowadays, cable is used for analogue but most don't need it on modern computers.

It's the way the sound board interconnects.
I haven't used a cable for at least five years, you will probably see that if you turn down or mute the CD volume control on the sound card software nothing happens, as that is normally analogue via cable.

  pj123 14:06 05 Feb 2006

Thanks Guys. Got it. Just tried an Audio CD. If it is set to Analogue - no sound. Set it to Digital - plenty sound.

Problemo solved. Ticked.

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