getting some one elses E-mail

  jack 08:42 21 Oct 2006

This is puzzle which now resolved I still can not get my head around.
A friend passed his old computer to me.
Another friend[elderly lady] wanted a machine for E-mail contact of family.
With former owners permission[we are all mutual friends] I cleaned up the machine - removing all reference to him- in addition to doc/ images, also passwords and dial-up/net work connections.
Passed the machine on,set up new dial-up network connection and she was in business.

Later she contacted me to say that in amongst E-mail for her was E-mail for the former owner.
How could this be?
There was no contact to his former mail box.

Research indicated that I should also have carried our a reg-edit operation to clear the register of reference also.
This I did, and so far the problem seems resolved

This is what I cant under stand - If no direct contact was made to the former ISP how come e-mail comes in?
Does this imply that E-mails are floating around looking for somewhere to alight?

  Diemmess 09:09 21 Oct 2006

Forgive the rambling of one who is only guessing.

An email address is like the old fashioned poste restante, a store of email at the ISP server.

The member's computer looks while online for any mail and downloads the fact that there is mail waiting. At that point it can be downloaded or deleted.

Some vital line in the registry allowed access to the old ISP at the same time as it was connected with the new.

I'd be surprised if it happens again now you have cleaned the registry.

  jack 09:20 21 Oct 2006

Thank you for that 'D'
I'still thought that being a dial-up phyical contact to that server would have to have bene made [like click the dial up connect button with that server in the address line] like 'Post restante' one has to go and get it. -

  Diemmess 09:49 21 Oct 2006

Yes, I admit my idea is wooly but unless ISPs have an "open line" with each other the World Wide Web wouldn't work? Or is it something entirely different!

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