Getting Search Engines to find my Website

  GodofOsiri 04:54 26 Jun 2007

I am very new to this aspect of web managment I was simply wondering how is it that I can get Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines to recognize my website. The website I am trying to get up and going is click here I just simply wish to learn for this since as I said I am very new to this aspect of the web managment. Thank You.

  peabody 21:16 26 Jun 2007

Search engines send out programs that 'crawl' the internet, examine websites and rank them in their database. The higher the ranking the better!
Some key points to think about:
- add 'meta tag' keywords within the <head> tags of your code. These should list key words and phrases (like cabins, holidays, fishing etc)
- on your Home page include some copy text that includes key words and phrases and repeats them as often as possible
- get as many external sites (like online directories) to link to your site as you can
- ensure that their are hypertext links from evry page in your site to every other. If you use a java script menu (that does not use HTML) include <noscript> tags that generate a hypertext links for those visitors whose browsers are not java enabled. This allows the search engines to follow your site right through all pages
- be patient!
SEO is a big subject and no doubt others will follow this with more advice.

  billydilly 19:41 06 Jul 2007

Here you go google adwords this is to advertise on google my I just say I love your site BUT it doesnt say where your camp thing is and there isnt any picktures

click here

  billydilly 09:35 07 Jul 2007

Oh and anthoer thing if you want to advertive like this site does when you type a certon word e.g laptops then go here click here and you can get paid if someone clicks on the link like laptops.

In other words if you click on the word laptops that site will get paid.

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