Getting a scanner to work

  GrahamP 10:01 09 Jan 2004

I've just acquired a Mustek 600CU without the installation cd and am having trouble getting it to work. Mustek's website gives instructions for installing the 2000 driver under XP. I've followed this and the driver seemed to install ok. (nb I found this click here old discussion but I seem to be further on)

The scanner is "working properly" in device manager. It appears in control panel/scanners and cameras and right clicking and pressing "Test Scanner and Camera" gives "Test successfully completed" and the appropriate movement, noise and light from the device.

The driver installation didn't place any icons on the desktop and the only new program group it created in start is mustek. All that contains is a shortcut to the uninstall. It installed the windows\twain_32\600cu folder. Of the executables in there, UI.exe brings up a scanner window with control tabs on the left, preview on the right and scan and preview buttons at the bottom right. Neither scan nor preview have any effect when pressed. The ? button fails to find the help file A4Ui_e.chm. (By the way, how can I cut and paste from a Windows error panel?)

Within the Mustek classroom I've found "Scanner Software Solutions" downloads but the instructions insist I download the correct version out of the five available depending on what my cd looks like. click here
So the implication is I still need the cd at least to load the help files. I'm just about to try these anyway but I'm sure I'm missing something. I'll also try the web for the helpfile.

Any clues would be welcome. Thanks.

  alcudia 10:11 09 Jan 2004

Have you tried it from within an image editor.

  GrahamP 10:31 09 Jan 2004

Thanks for replying. I hadn't thought of that. The only one I can find is Paint and the "From Scanner or Camera" option under File is greyed out. It's not looking good. I've been going through Google Groups and there a lot of posts with similar problems under XP but so far no answers beyond those I've already tried.

It may be time to resurrect 98.

  alcudia 10:36 09 Jan 2004

I would still try it. Paint isn't the most accomplished app. Get a demo of Paint Shop Pro or suchlike. Available on most cover discs.

  alcudia 10:38 09 Jan 2004

To add. I have a scanner that is working perfectly. The From Scanner option in Paint is also greyed out. So it looks like a good idea to try another app.

  GrahamP 11:06 09 Jan 2004

Thanks again, alcudia. I first need to prove that the thing works so I'm going to try it under 98. To be of any real use it also has to function under XP so I'll also pursue your Paint Shop suggestion.

  GrahamP 12:59 09 Jan 2004

It worked fine under Win98, automatically invoking the old Kodak Image program that comes with 98 but not, as far as I can see, with XP.

Next step is, as you suggest, install a compatible image editor.

Interestingly, under 98, paint has no scanner option, but has under XP.

  GrahamP 15:17 09 Jan 2004

Problem solved. It was as you thought, a lack of eligible image editing software. In the ini file there was a list, and tracking each down I found the smallest for downloading purposes was Photo Express at 33.3MB click here

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