Getting the right resolution on my monitor

  m.nutt1 08:47 05 Dec 2005

Hi all

I have a 17" TFT and am trying to sort out the display. All the drivers and software are installed ok, but I'm getting a bit confused by the resolution.
All of the software keeps 'optimising' the display to 1280x1024. the screens razor sharp at this resolution but all the text and icons are tiny. I want to be able to view at 1024x768, but everything goes blurry/pixelated. Is there any way to sort this so that i don't have to squint to view my screen for the rest of my life?

Any ideas very much appreciated.

Many thanks

  Chegs ®™ 08:54 05 Dec 2005

Right-Click Desktop/Settings/Advanced/General tab,alter the DPI Setting to 120% and restart the machine.Should make the icons/fonts a bit bigger.

  Methedrine 09:49 05 Dec 2005

Try this. I use this little program with my TFT monitor. It makes the text much clearer.

click here

  DieSse 09:51 05 Dec 2005

The reason the display wants to keep going to 1280x1024 is that ths is the *natve* resolution - where each pixel on the screen maps to each dot of resolution (ie there are actually 1280x1024 pixels manufactured into the screen.

Any other resolution is just a compromise - Chegs ®™ solution is probably the best.

Strangely, 19" monitors have the same native resolution as 17" monitors - which means that fonts and icons are naturally that much larger, and 19" is therefore a more satisfactory display all-round than 17".

Also - some monitors are better than ohers at coping with non-native resolutions.

Also try (if you've got XP) setting Clear-Type on - this can help too.

  BRYNIT 10:42 05 Dec 2005

If you are using Win XP

Right click desk top go to properties/appearance and change font to large or extra large this will increase the font under the icon.

To enlarge the icon click on effects and change to large icon.

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