Getting Rid Of Recovery Partion

  Vimal 17:35 13 Feb 2010

Just installed Win 7 Home Premium on my Dell 1525 laptop and loving it.

I need your help?

I have a recovery partion on the hard disk which I would like to release since it contains Vista.

Does anybody have a idea how to remove the partion?


  Technotiger 17:43 13 Feb 2010

Scroll down to Aesus Partition Manager, this should do it for you click here

  Technotiger 17:44 13 Feb 2010

Ooops - should Easeus ...

  Batch 18:32 13 Feb 2010

Depending on where the order of the partitions, I wonder if removing the Recovery Partition might give you problems with booting Windows.

I recently installed XP Home (from a USB drive as the netbook doesn't have a CD) on to a netbook which had a Recovery Partition as the first partition (and which I wanted to leave in place for the time being). I think the install got a bit confused by the USB drive (which the install booted from) and thought of it as the first hard disk and, as a consequence, boot.ini of the installed XP Home indicated that Windows was installed on the 2nd disk (which wasn't true once the USB drive was removed) AND, more pertinently to what you are intending, it had not allowed for the installation being on the 2nd partition (i.e. after the Recovery Partition) and so was looking for the Windows folder on the wrong partition.

As a consequence, I had to manually reset boot.ini (using the Recovery Console) so that Windows would boot.

Having said all that - maybe Win7 doesn't work in write the same way.

Also, if the Recovery Partition is after the Windows Partition, then the issue that I have alluded to should not arise in any event.

  Batch 09:55 14 Feb 2010

Must have hit the ouzo too early yesterday. The penultimate paragraph in the above should have been:

"Having said all that - maybe Win7 doesn't work in quite the same way."

  Vimal 13:41 14 Feb 2010

Used teh Partion Manager last night and worked a treat.



  Technotiger 14:47 14 Feb 2010

Grreat, thanks for your feedback.

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