alt 09:29 26 Aug 2003

Hi all of a sudden I am getting literally 100s of pop ups when I leave my internet connection on,in 24 hours I have received 120, on my computer which is running win.98se. I am not getting the same problem on my other computer running win. xp home.
I use ie6 on both comps. does anyone know how to stop them, and why this has happenned literally overnight?, as I have never had a problem before......Thanks in advance

  Gaz 25 09:32 26 Aug 2003

Try click here - Shoot the messenger, it does not affect MSN messenger, just a hidden server.

I dont know if it applies to 98 but if a port is open it could be sent.

If you are on a webpage well than that is the problem.

  Gaz 25 09:33 26 Aug 2003

Oddly it does not apply to 98,

I would try click here in case it is targeted ads.

  Gaz 25 09:35 26 Aug 2003

Here are some others click here for Spyware Blaster and Guard

click here for Spybot Search and Destory.

  Gaz 25 09:37 26 Aug 2003

click here - to download Spybot Now.

Get a firewall for free: click here

  alt 09:45 26 Aug 2003

Cheers Gaz......All done.....Val

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