Getting rid of one 98SE partition from xp3 laptop

  greybeard 14:34 11 Apr 2009

I have a first C partition with win98se formatted fat32, and a second,D partition NTFS with xp3 loaded on a ~10gb hdd.
There's nothing on the C partition that I need. How do I get rid of it, and leave the data on a new 10gb partition of xp3 ?
I'm familiar with Partition magic, old copy somewhere, but will that do what I want ?
Many thanks,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:44 11 Apr 2009

You cannot format the C: partition as it will have the basic boot files for your XP.

I wonder if the following may work:-

copying the boot files to D:
formatting C: as NTFS
copy the boot files back to C:
and then use PM to merge the two partitions

  Diemmess 16:28 11 Apr 2009

You could make a clone with Achronis for 'safety' then with partition magic delete C: and so 'shift everything along' so to speak.
///BUT\\\ as Fruit Bat /\0/\ said you will lose all sorts of vital system files.
Even if you tried this and managed to work around and boot, likely pandemonium!
The paths would now be upset for almost everything on D:

If you are of a pioneering spirit, then you could try Fruit Bat /\0/\'s workaround but you have to be ready to reinstall!

The Irish view - I wouldn't start from here Sir!

  greybeard 16:53 11 Apr 2009

Mmmm.....unless anyone else has a better idea, it looks like reformatting and reinstalling.
but then, what the ####, I might give it a go, if only to learn something in the process ;)


  karmgord 17:05 11 Apr 2009

Can't you shrink the C partion to say 500mb,keeping the boot partion & files and release the free space for the D partion thus keeping the file paths intact.

  greybeard 17:20 11 Apr 2009

Hi karmgord.
That might certainly give me most of the space on the hdd.
However, I suppose all I'm really trying to do is simplify the system I've set up, ie I didn't think ahead when I decided to keep both os in the first place :(

Something else I don't know - is it possible to have two different os on the same partition ?
I pressume this would lead to all sort of conflicts, even if it's possible ?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 11 Apr 2009

is it possible to have two different os on the same partition ?


  woodchip 18:40 11 Apr 2009

Start in XP the Right click on My Computer\Manage\Disc Manager delete remove the C:\ partition, then extend and see if it will let you change the XP partition to Primary Master

  greybeard 20:39 11 Apr 2009

Hi woodchip.
Too late, I fear. Having downloaded Acronis, moved it over to the problem laptop, and then started to read, I tok the cowards way out, and gave up !!

I'm now in the process of doing a clean instal of just xp.

Not much time lost, as I've also been reactivating this one, which MS in their wisdom decided was not legit.
However, the process went much more smoothly than I feared, and only having to listen to a computerised voice tell me what to do proved no obstacle, and here I am, none the worse for the experience.
Perhaps I just got lucky !

  woodchip 20:47 11 Apr 2009

Acronis is the way to go, just make a Image when you have got it sorted out and before you have problems, then one now and again

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