Getting rid of live security platinum firewall

  Ankermi31 17:13 21 Jul 2012

Windows 7 Aviva Anti Virus.

Received SMS from relative in "hot spot" Asking for help to get rid of the above and its preventing access to Internet and Live Mail.

Apparently had run a Search located it and had deleted. I had my doubts but suggested to try to boot up. Apparently now found out all files are locked out.

I have checked up on IE and found various options but to be honest I feel this to be beyond her capabilities and also bearing in mind its a dial up connection which is very bad at the best of these options want you to download different malware and registry things.

Would a System Restore help?.

Appreciate your guidance please, anticipate hearing something around 9/10 Sunday morning due to time changes.

  KRONOS the First 17:47 21 Jul 2012

Certainly worth trying a system restore.

But here is a removal guide. Click here.

  Ankermi31 19:21 21 Jul 2012

Hi Chronus Thanks your response.

Thanks for the removal guide however as I said in original posting she is not able to access Internet Explorer or anything else seems the whole system has been locked up by LSP Firewall. This means she cannot download anything to clear "the thing".

  Nontek 20:29 21 Jul 2012

Has she tried all the above in Safe Mode?

  Ankermi31 08:57 22 Jul 2012

Morning Nontek

Don't think so. Can you advise how thats done so I can crib it through on an SMS.

Am I correct

Go to Start

As you can see I am a little unsure.

Will the system stay in Safe Mode though and if this be the case how would she get out of it.

Thank you

  Nontek 10:29 22 Jul 2012

To get into Safe Mode repeatedly tap F8 during Start up. Then choose Safe Mode with Networking, this should enable her to update her security program(s) before using them to scan for nasties.

Or if she just wants to try a System Restore back to a date before this started, she could do that also in Safe Mode.

Once the above is done, just re-start the PC in the normal way to get back to normal running.

  Ankermi31 08:46 23 Jul 2012

Hi Nontek

As promised, after restore she installed Antimalware free trial and that seemed to get rid of the live security platinum.

Also Hitman Pro has been put on which is scanning every morning although am told it appears to slow down the computer but the main thing is its there.

Many thanks

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