getting rid of gaps between pictures

  [email protected] 17:54 11 Dec 2003

Hi guys.
I've just taken out the BORDER text in my html which was there just to line things up. But now I've got gaps where my borders were, making it look like a broken jigsaw.
Is there a bit of code I need?



  Forum Editor 18:22 11 Dec 2003

exactly what it is you're trying to do - maybe you could provide us with a link to the page in question?

  caast©? 22:07 11 Dec 2003

I have created a website in Dreamweaver which opens a thumb nail in a pop up window. which was straight forward. I now need a piece of code that stops the right click, can any one please tell me where I can get this?
I seem to remember downloading some, some time ago but after a couple of re-install's I appear to have lost it.

Also can I apply the code to the pop-up window to stop the image being saved, (in Dreamweaver as another behaviour,)and if so how do I do this? M

  caast©? 22:08 11 Dec 2003

Did not mean to do that

Was supposed to be starting a new thread M

  [email protected] 23:16 11 Dec 2003

Hello FE, I'd be glad to leave a link. I've not long started the website though, so colours etc aren't decided yet. But as you can see, the images don't join, like there's an invisible border?
Goodness knows what trouble I'll have later on when I can't even sort this out :(

The Pizza listings supposed to be in the middle with a little menu at the left (About Us, Location, that kinda thing)

click here

Thanks for helping


  Forum Editor 23:39 11 Dec 2003

so that the cell padding and spacing settings give you the appearance you want. Then remove the table border, and the contents will be displayed neatly against your background.

  phil 00:32 12 Dec 2003

Small point here but Pizza Express is a registered trademark and somehow I don't think they'll like you using it.

click here

As for the table code it needs to be something like this:

table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"

  [email protected] 02:27 12 Dec 2003

Thanks guys. Just adding the cellspacing, padding along with the border seemed to have stuck everything together :)

I thought there was a Pizza Express Phil :) but not to worry, that Xpress title was just something I knocked up whilst shaping the site.

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