getting rid of a folder

  Quilljar 16:36 01 Oct 2008

I have made a yellow folder on my desktop in Win XP and called it TEMP PHOTOS I no longer need it, but when I select it and delete it in the normal way, it keeps returning each time I boot up. This seems a strange phenomenon and I have not come across it in ten years of using a PC. Can any tell me why it won't go away and how to get rid of it?

  john bunyan 17:17 01 Oct 2008

Try deleting it in safe mode. Or drag it to desktop,then reboot then drag it to the to recycle bin, reboot again.

  Sea Urchin 17:28 01 Oct 2008

Try Unlocker

click here

  Clapton is God 17:30 01 Oct 2008

Delete to Recycle Bin. Empty Recycle Bin. Reboot?

  Quilljar 18:48 01 Oct 2008

for some sensible answers!
this is not up to the usual standard from this helproom...

  rawprawn 18:55 01 Oct 2008

Not really a nice answer for members trying to help. However two points No1 first delete anything that is in the folder, then try again to delete the folder. 2nd try Delete doctor click here
3rd Try Delete in Safe mode.
4th Don't make nasty comments if these suggestions don't work, I am only trying to help.

  skidzy 19:14 01 Oct 2008

Firstly,there are various levels of knowledge here at PCA and we do not always come up with the correct answer to a problem...though we do try,as those above have tried.
To ridicule them is not on,they have given you various options to try and is sound advice.

A thankyou but sorry no good would have been better,instead of criticism.

Ok,rant over;

Try taking ownership first Quiljar;

To take ownership of a folder, follow these steps:
1. Right-click the folder that you want to take ownership of, and then click Properties.
2. Click the Security tab, and then click OK on the Security message (if one appears).
3. Click Advanced, and then click the Owner tab.
4. In the Name list, click your user name, or click Administrator if you are logged in as Administrator, or click the Administrators group. If you want to take ownership of the contents of that folder, select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects check box.
5. Click OK, and then click Yes when you receive the following message:
You do not have permission to read the contents of directory folder name. Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you Full Control?

All permissions will be replaced if you press Yes.
Note folder name is the name of the folder that you want to take ownership of.
6. Click OK, and then reapply the permissions and security settings that you want for the folder and its contents.

If that fails you;

Follow this procedure very carefully.

Download HiJackthis click here

Save to your desktop and install. (this must install to "C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe" ) normally this will by default.

Open Hijackthis exe.
Open the MISC TOOLS section
Find your problem folder (this will highlight and open)
You will then be prompted to restart the computer.

  hiwatt 19:27 01 Oct 2008

That's a terrible way to address people who are trying to help you.What was not "sensible" about the suggestions given anyway?

  Quilljar 22:10 01 Oct 2008

if I offended anyone because I have been greatly helped in this forum and have recommended it for years.
My reaction to the advice, including all the more recent above, was a bit severe because I have already tried all the suggestions. They are what any normal person would try.

I asked my question here as a last resort. I am afraid this persistent empty folder is still with me.

  Quilljar 22:24 01 Oct 2008

Thank-you rawprawn. However, I note that it put my folder into the Recycle bin where it has been many times before. It sometimes takes two or three days before it returns once more, so I will wait and see.

I should have said that it is, of course, an empty folder. It does not return on the next boot-up, it can wait several days.

I really am grateful to all who have responded. My sciatica was playing up and afraid made me a bit ratty. My family have also complained!

  hiwatt 22:43 01 Oct 2008

Glad you got it sorted.Hopefully it doesn't return.

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