getting rid of annoying norton disabled warning!

  [DELETED] 12:47 27 Apr 2006

As a rule, I disable Norton antivirus (2004)while installing anything new (that I trust) since it seems to interfere so much. As a result, I often get what I assume is a yellow Symantec warning window telling me that antivirus is disabled. I say assume, because it only stays on screen for a split second then goes, only to flash up again maybe 20 seconds later. Not only is it really annoying while you are trying to work out why things perhaps aren't going as they should with an installation, but it actually interfers with the loading of wizard windows etc. If it is a real warning, its pretty useless as its not up for long enough to read. If its just to tell me what I already know (that I've disabled the AV) then I don't need it (since it shows that in the tray). I'm sure there might be a "don't show this again" box to tick on the window, but there's no time to find it and click it if there is!

Is there a way to stop this happening, either to get rid of it, or to get it up for long enough to at least read!

  [DELETED] 12:53 27 Apr 2006

Just a thought. Could it be a warning from Windows security centre? They are generally yellow and only tell you what you already know. Have a look in it's settings to see if you can inactivate parts of it

  [DELETED] 13:11 27 Apr 2006

If the message appears to 'slide up' from the area above the clock and system tray, then it's probably Norton (it should say in the popup). Windows alerts are usually in 'speech boxes'. As keef66 says, try the options in Norton. I used to use Norton Internet Security 2005, but abandoned it after it started conflicting with everything on my PC and slowing it down drastically!

  [DELETED] 13:41 27 Apr 2006

Its definitely Norton controlled (stops the momment its re-enabled) and the alerts in the windows security centre for virus software is turned off, so it shouldn't be windows. Its not the small pop-up one above the tray, its screen centre. From the fleeting glimpses I think I can recognise the symantec logo, but the outer window is blue, so maybe it is from windows somehow.
There's nothing obvious in Norton control to allow you to disable the "warning, you have disabled...."

just one of lifes/nortons little mysteries...

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