Getting replacement external drive with USB 3

  ponytail 10:12 18 Nov 2013

I need to replace my existing external drive and like the look of this one click here use it to connect to my media player which has a USB 2 port would it be suitable


  ponytail 10:23 18 Nov 2013

Forget to mention would I need to get the USB 3 cable and I would be transfering video from my Laptop to the external drive.My laptop is a ASUS K73R which has USB 2 ports

  chub_tor 10:38 18 Nov 2013

The product description says that a cable is included. I can only assume that it is USB3.

  xania 10:39 18 Nov 2013

You will be given the appropriate cable as part of the purchase and this should fit into you existing USB2 port, to allow full access to the drive from your laptop. However, you will only get USB2 speeds. To get the full benefit of a USB3 drive, you need a USB3 port. These can be added to most desktop PC's but, so far as I am aware, cannot be added to a laptop.

  ponytail 10:49 18 Nov 2013

So I will be getting the same transfer speed as I am getting now.It is not possible to get a USB 2 to USB 3 Hub ? and the supplied USB 3 cable will fit into my current USB 2 ports ? Thanks

  ponytail 10:53 18 Nov 2013

Saw this on Google f you have a place in the computer then PCI Express USB 3.0 Expansion Card for Desktops or USB 3.0 ExpressCard 34 for Laptops click here

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  QuizMan 17:24 18 Nov 2013

I have a very similar 2TB Seagate external drive. It may even be the same one because it ooks the same, but the product code is different. It is certainly faster than USB2, but the claims of UP TO 10 times faster you must take with a pinch of salt. It took about 8 minutes to transfer 80Gb of data. So long as you have a spare PCI slot, you can fit the USB3 expansion card. My Seagate drive had a USB3 cable included in the box. You will need one of those because existing USB2 cables will not fit the expansion card (although they do fit the actual hard drive).

  xania 09:15 20 Nov 2013

Ah! That should do the trick:

click here

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